What to Expect During a Professional Roofing Installation

Posted on: February 17, 2019

You have found a good professional roofing installation company to put in your new roof. You went over a number of estimates, used them to create a shortlist of contractors and chose the best one. With all the small details and financing out of the way, all that is left is the roofing installation itself.

When the installation starts, you will need to be prepared for more than just the presence of a team of construction workers. Here is what to expect and how to prepare for it.

Important things you should know about a professional roofing installation

1. The job should only take a few days

Barring unforeseen complications, a good roofer will replace the roof in a matter of days. During this time, residents will have to make adjustments to accommodate a crew of roofers.

2. The property will turn into a construction site

Although the roofers will be as neat as possible, property owners will have to prepare their yards and driveway. In order for the job to go smoothly, they should:

Leave the driveway clear: Move the cars into the garage or elsewhere because the contractor’s vehicles will need the driveway to drop off supplies.

Clear the area around the house: Protect outdoor items like patio chairs, cars and bikes by getting them out of the path of falling items from the roof. Because you want the work to start and end in time, clear the area before the roofers arrive.

Cover the items that cannot be moved: Cover immovable items like porch swings with a tarp to protect them from dust and scratches.

Turn off the sprinklers: The work crew will place some of their tools and roofing supplies on the lawn. For safety reasons, turn the sprinklers off to avoid getting these materials (and the roofers) wet.

Clear the attic: Dust, roofing materials, tools and debris can fall into the attic as the roof is replaced. It is a good idea to clear the attic or cover its contents with a tarp or plastic sheets.

3. The property will sound like a construction site

Replacing a roof is a loud process. There will be constant noise from power tools, the roofers, the sound of old roofing being torn out and the sound of the new roofing being put in place.

Any person in the house who needs quiet during the working day should find someplace to go. Children who need their naps should be taken somewhere quiet. People who work from home should find somewhere else to work until the roofing is complete.

4. Take care of older children and pets

The noise and activity will agitate pets, as well as older children, who may feel trapped in the house. If this proves to be a challenge, find a fun, peaceful place to take them while the roofers work.

5. Let the neighbors know

The noise will also affect the neighbors, so give them a heads up so they can prepare for the disturbance. While at it, ask them to allow the roofers to clear their yards of any debris at the end of each day.

6. The roofers will do a final cleanup after they are done

Once the roof is replaced, the crew will remove debris from your property and your neighbors' yards.

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