Steps to Residential Roof Repair

Posted on: April 13, 2020

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The right roof repair involves more than simply nailing shingles into place. It is a big commitment to repair your entire roof. It is a good idea to understand the entire process from start to finish before choosing a contractor. Following the steps can help you protect your home, which is your biggest investment.

Repairing the roof

First, the roofing company will confirm that the property is safe. This can include placing plywood and tarps down. The company will cover walls, siding and landscaping. The roofing company will also check that no one is standing in the way during repairs.

During a roof repair, the shingles will need to be removed. This will allow the company to inspect the decking. This is the wooden part, which is underneath the shingles. It is important to inspect this portion because there may be damage under it.

Some of the wood may be soft or even rotten. This portion can be replaced so that the roof will be more stable, reducing the need for future repairs. The replacement can also help the shingles to stay intact longer. The wood sheeting should be inspected to confirm that it has been attached correctly to the rafters of the roof.

Look out for this

Many roof repair companies do not check for missing nails. The wood decking may have nails missing, which can cause potential issues. After a few weeks, the repaired area can have bumps in it. This happens when the decking rises up. A good roof repair company will nail down the wooden part of the roof.

Preparing the area for shingles

During a roof repair, a company may install a drip edge along the edge of the roof. This is a metal band that has been bent at 90 degrees. The drip edge can keep the rain out from the roof material. The drip edge will go on before the shingles do.

Sometimes, the water and ice shield will also need to be replaced. This goes underneath the shingles but over the wooden decking. The shield will stick to the deck to prevent water from leaking in. In some cases, a faulty water and ice shield is the reason for a leaky roof. Roof connections and pipes need to have this type of shield.

The roofing company will install the roofing felt after applying the water and ice shield. This can keep the shingles off the wood. It also provides another barrier between the interior of the house and the shingles. The last step in roof repair is to install the shingles. Roofers will use a type of roof nail to keep the shingles in place.

Contact a roof repair company today

Storms can damage your roof, but so can age. If your roof is getting old, it is more likely to need to have repairs done. Roof repair should be done by an experienced company so you can have good results. Contacting a company today will allow you to get the roof repairs you need.

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