Spotting the Signs of Roof Damage

Posted on: August 16, 2018

Roof damage happens from time to time. It can result after a big storm, normal wear and tear, when something falls or due to age. It is important to spot the signs of roof damage as soon as possible. If the damage is not corrected right away, the problem with the roof can become worse with time. This can lead to leaks in the roof that go into the rooms of the home, causing mold and mildew. A damaged roof is also prone to breaks or worse, collapsing entirely.

Inspect the roof from the outside

There are specific signs to look for from the outside the house. The following may be signs of normal wear and tear or larger signs of something wrong.

  • Missing shingles
  • Broken shingles
  • Debris in the gutters
  • Curled shingles
  • Broken gutters
  • Torn-up flashing
  • Broken chimney pieces
  • Clogged venting
  • Decay or rust on the gutters around the home
  • Leaning or loose-looking chimney
  • Rips or tears in parts of the roof
  • Large debris left on the top of the roof
  • Moss growing on the sides of the roof

Inspect the roof from the inside

Check the inside of the home and the ceiling for any damage. There are signs that make it more apparent that something is happening with the roof, while others might be less obvious. Keep these in mind when doing an indoor inspection.

  • Brown, yellow, gray or discolored spots on the ceiling
  • Soft spots on the walls or ceiling
  • Damp rafters in the attic
  • Leaks that are very noticeable in the attic
  • A sudden increase in energy bills

Preventing roof damage

It is important that a homeowner prevents damage from happening. Natural disasters are something that cannot be controlled, but other aspects can be. Keeping the roof clean and tidy is a great way to reduce the amount of moss, growth and other buildup that can end up on a roof. Additionally, choosing the right roofing material that is strong and ideal for the local climate is recommended.

Doing the maintenance needed to keep the roof in the best shape can help it last longer and reduce the damage it might be prone to. It is important that roof inspections are done on a quarterly basis to find any issues that might need to be addressed.

Call a professional

Calling a professional to take care of the damage on the roof of the home is recommended. They can provide further information on what needs to be done to rectify the situation. These professionals have tools and safety information, as well as homeowner's insurance knowledge to give you as much information as you need about roof damage. Ask them any questions to find out more about house roofs and any required upkeep.

Do not let roof damage sit for too long. Having it taken care of as soon as you spot something wrong is essential. Do not leave the home's integrity or the safety of those living inside to chance.

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