Signs You Need to Schedule a Gutter Repair

Posted on: April 16, 2018

If the gutters on your home are no longer working properly or are visibly damaged, it is important to call us for a gutter repair right away. Gutters are critical for keeping water out of the home. When it rains or snows, water will hit the roof but it must drain off of it. Gutters ensure that the water flows into the gutter and down and away from the home, making it unlikely that water will actually enter through the exterior walls of the home or windows. Without gutters, water damage is likely. Unfortunately, gutters are difficult to reach and can be difficult to repair. This makes it important to call in the professionals anytime they are damaged.

What to watch for

Sometimes, it is very obvious that gutters need to be repaired. For example, after a storm, a piece of gutter may be laying on the lawn. Likewise, sometimes a piece can be hanging down vertically. These are clear signs that it is important to call us for a quick repair. Additionally, there are other signs it is time to replace them or at least schedule a maintenance appointment.

These include:

  • Plants visibly growing inside of the gutters
  • Water is leaking over the top of the gutters instead of draining downwards as it is supposed  to
  • Water leaks are coming from underneath the gutters
  • Moss or mold is growing around the gutters
  • The gutters are becoming detached from the main house
  • There appears to be a crack where two pieces of gutter are supposed to be joined together

We can fix the problem

Very often, gutters simply need to be cleaned. Over time, it is possible for gutters to become seriously clogged and if items grow in them, water will no longer drain. Additionally, the downspouts can become clogged so even if the rain gutters are free of debris, water may not flow down as it should.

If the actual gutter system is in need of repair, we can handle the repair or replace all or parts of the gutters as needed. When doing so, we will make recommendations for what type of gutter would work best for a particular property. This is important because starting out with the right type of gutters can reduce the likelihood of there being issues in the future. For example, we may recommend sectional seam gutters that are available in 10-foot pieces. These are attached to the home's fascia board with hangers. Another option is seamless gutters which provide even less leakage. They need to be professionally installed but make it impossible for gutters to leak at the joints because there are none.

We can handle large and small jobs.

Call us today for help with your gutter repair, regardless of what the issue is. We can take care of it right away to protect your home from water damage. We can even recommend high-tech solutions that are easier to maintain in the future. Everything is possible so just let us know what you are looking for.