Quick Guide to Residential Roof Installation

Posted on: February 26, 2020

roof installation Centennial, CO

As a homeowner, you want to have a good roof over your head, so a roof installation is important. The roof will prevent rain from coming in your home during a storm. It can keep your home free of danger. Choosing to have a new roof installed is a big project. An old roof may have missing shingles, a leak or sag. The good news is that you have many options available for a new roof installation.

Benefits of a new roof installation

There are many benefits when it comes to getting a new roof. One of them is the utility savings. There are many ways that a new roof can help homeowners save money. This can include better ventilation, heat reflection and protection from wind.

  • Ventilation: an older roof does not have enough ventilation. This can cause cold or hot air to become trapped inside the house. The cooling and heating systems will need to work harder to maintain room temperature
  • Protection against the wind: newer roof shingles have a high rating. This can help the shingles resist strong winds in storms
  • Reflecting heat: some roofs have ratings to help deflect the rays of the sun. In hotter climates, this can help prevent the home from having too much heat inside it. By running the AC less, individuals will see significant savings on the electric bill

Parts of the roof

It is a good idea to know what is going on under the shingles of a roof. This can help individuals to know more about roof installation. That way, a homeowner can make a better decision about roof installation. The bottom part of the roof is called the decking or sheathing. This is nailed to the rafters of the home to form a foundation. The next layer is the underlayment, which protects the plywood deck.

It is made out of synthetic materials such as felt. The upper part of the roof is known as the roof covering. This protects the roof against rain. The shingles go over the roof covering and can be cedar, asphalt or tile. To prevent water from entering the angles of the roof, there is flashing. This is usually made out of felt, metal, plastic or rubber.

One type of flashing is known as the drip edge. This metal portion goes around the edges of the roof to keep rain in the gutter. The gutter is designed to direct water from the roof onto the ground. This prevents the water from pooling on the roof. The gutter directs water off the roof using the downspout. It may direct rainwater to the ground or a collection bin.

Choose roof installation today

Whether you have an older roof or your current one has been damaged, getting roof installation can benefit you. There are many types of roofs today that can help you cut down your energy bill. This can include roof materials that redirect heat away from the house. Understanding your roof will help you decide what type to get.

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