How to Spot Roofing Damage After a Storm

Posted on: March 15, 2019

Roofing damages Centennial, CO

Roofing damages can occur even if a storm was not accompanied by rain or hail. Powerful winds can induce stress points on your roof that, with time, can deteriorate and fail. Although roofs are built to resist normal wind loads, gradual damages can occur over the years from storms and debris lifted by the wind.

It is important to replace broken or missing shingles and repair the initial roof damage as fast as possible to prevent consequent water damage and high fuel costs that will unavoidably happen with a roof system that is not working properly. Here is how to detect damage to your roof after a storm.

Detecting roofing damage

Start from the ground

If you want to spot signs of roof damage, start from the ground. Check for pieces of broken shingles, metal materials from chimneys, fallen branches and hail. Unless you are familiar with solving roof problems yourself, which is often unrealistic, it is better to hire professional roofing contractors to fix your roof.

Check your gutters and downspouts

Strong rain, storms and chunks of hail can chip away materials from your shingles. They usually slip down into the gutters. Ensure you check them because missing shingles make your roof vulnerable to elements and cause leakages.

Check for leakages and water penetration

Storms is one of the prevalent causes of roof leaks. Water can penetrate your house from different spots, and you need to be watchful so that a minor leak does not worsen.

If your shingles are damaged or lost, then you can safely conclude that water has penetrated your home. Grab a flashlight and enter your attic. Water is a light reflector, so you should be able to see any active leak. If it is sunny, it will be easy to spot holes because the sunlight will shine through them.

Also, consider checking your walls, floors and ceiling for water stains or discoloration. Paint damage is also a sign. If you see black mold in your house, contact a roofing contractor immediately.

Dents on your metal roof venting systems

Another way to know if there is roofing damage is to check your metal roof venting system. Hail or materials from a storm can cause dents or worse still, crush or damage the vents. Note that vents contribute to preventing water damage by allowing air to escape. If the venting system is damaged, it will be harder to keep your home free of moisture. Ensure you have the damaged vents replaced as soon as possible. 

Unusually high energy bills

If your energy bill comes in unusually high, your roofing might have damage such as missing shingles and punctures. The air escaping through the damage in your roof will make it harder for your cooling and heating system to work optimally.

Final note

You should contact a professional to inspect and repair your roofing damage. It is not advisable to get on the roof yourself because you could get injured and even damage your property.

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