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Posted on: June 16, 2018

professional roofing installation

When remodeling your home, consider how a professional roofing installation could add to the character and design of your fresh exterior. When it comes to curb appeal, people regularly think of things like a new front door, bushes added to the front, shutters and even a new pathway. Rarely do people think about the roof.

Even though it happens to be one of the largest things on the home, the roof rarely gets as much attention as something more simple like the paint color. However, for the discerning homeowner who considers all aspects of their home's exterior, changing the roof can make the difference between an attractive looking home and a stunning one.

Selecting the right style

The style of roof can greatly enhance the character of the home. For example, homeowners who are trying to create the look and feel of a Spanish hacienda must seriously consider a tile roof. There are several types to choose from that are long-lasting and most importantly, the design aesthetic is second to none. Instantly, a tile roof lends itself to a Mediterranean feel, whether that of a Spanish hacienda or an Italian hillside village home.

On the other hand, cedar shake can lend charm to a home with a Cape Cod flair. Adding cedar shake can even make a home appear to be slightly older, which is ideal for new homes that are trying to blend into an established neighborhood.

Metal roofs can lend an entirely different look. They can turn older homes into something that is more modern and aggressive. This can be ideal for anyone who is interested in strong lines and a clean aesthetic. Simultaneously, metal roofs can also be used to create a weathered style and are often used by restaurants to add character to the building.

These are just a few examples of possible decisions that can truly enhance the character of a home and add to its appeal. As a professional roofing company, we are happy to sit down with homeowners and discuss the design goals before going over samples and making suggestions. We often work with designers, as well, to help throughout the initial design process so that homeowners can be confident in the cohesive nature of their exterior remodel.

Comparing the costs

Homeowners who are torn between two types of roofing styles can receive estimates from us that include the cost of materials and the professional roofing installation. This can sometimes be of assistance when making important decisions in regards to which roofing materials to select.

Scheduling a professional roofing installation

It is imperative to hire a professional roofing company to complete the installation as part of the remodeling process. Working on the roof is one of the most dangerous tasks that a homeowner faces and it is never advisable to do this yourself. We know how to install the new roofing correctly and safely, ensuring that the project goes off without a hitch.

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