Common Residential Roofing Issues in Colorado

Posted on: November 16, 2018

Are you searching for information on roofing issues that tend to occur in Colorado? While anyone can experience roofing issues, living in certain states means that homeowners will encounter different types of problems.

While Colorado is a state that offers its residents plenty of sunshine, it also rains and snows quite heavily.

Both rain and snow can cause roofing damage, making it a good idea for all homeowners to have a professional roofing contractor inspect their home regularly.

The importance of roof maintenance

Why is regular roof maintenance essential? If there happens to be a problem with a roof, the sooner the problem is found, the better.

For example, there could be a small water leak in someone’s roof that can be easily fixed by a professional roofing contractor if found early enough. If the homeowner does not schedule regular inspections, then this leak can continue until it causes an even larger problem.

What could have been an easy roof fix has now turned into an expensive disaster.

Common residential roofing issues in Colorado

The following is a list of some of the most common residential roofing problems a homeowner may experience when living in Colorado.

Roof ventilation repairs

Improper and poor ventilation are two common roofing issues that require professional repair. All the vents contained in a roof are specially designed to work together. This allows for the optimal amount of air and moisture in the attic. When the venting system of a roof is not working properly, it is very likely that the outside elements will make their way inside. This will eventually cause roof damage since moisture and other factors are trapped inside the house.

Roof flashing repairs

Flashing issues are a common reason why homeowners in Colorado might be experiencing roofing problems. If the flashing is not installed correctly, it is possible for heavy rain waters to cause water damage to the interior of the roof. It is best to schedule a flashing inspection after installing anything on your roof as a vent or television antenna.

Roofs damaged by trees

High Colorado winds are known to break branches off trees. Branches can cause damage to a roof by removing shingles or even falling inside the home. These damages require emergency roof repair to prevent your home’s interior from being destroyed.

Are you currently in need of residential roof repair?

If you live in Colorado, then you know how harsh the elements can be. It is best to follow a roof inspection schedule to catch issues before they become detrimental. However, that is not always possible.

If your roof is damaged, then call us to discuss your options. We are familiar with all types of roofing issues and can develop a plan of action to save your roof. Our team can work on all types of roofs, so do not hesitate to call.

The longer you ignore your roofing issues, the more expensive and destructive it will be.

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