Common Causes of Commercial Roof Damage

Posted on: September 16, 2018

Commercial roofing is vital to the integrity of a building, so it is critical that owners understand more about the common causes of roof damage. Additionally, keeping track of regular maintenance helps the roof continue to stay in the best shape possible. 

Common causes of commercial roof damage

#1 Issues with wind

When the wind blows, a roof can move right along with it. This is especially true for taller buildings that may be in the direct path of the wind. When the flashing is improperly installed, it can bring further damage to the roof. Having proper installation by a professional is highly recommended. It is also recommended that if a storm is going to hit, the roof is adequately secured to reduce the chance of damage.`

#2 Long-time leaking

When leaking goes unnoticed or is not corrected, it can cause further damage to the roof. The most common cause of commercial roof damage is leaking that continues without having the issue resolved quickly. Having poorly installed flashing and other roofing components around the outside of the roof can lead to leakage.

#3 Punctures causing commercial roof damage

Punctures that come from repairs, installation, hail or other outside elements can cause further roof damage. Watching for these issues can help to catch them before they can become even more substantial issues. This is another fairly common issue that is found with many of the roofs of taller buildings. Always hire a professional team so that the risks of punctures is minimized. These punctures have to be sealed to reduce the chances of having any water leak inside the building.

#4 Standing water on the roof

Standing water can leak through the roofing materials if it is left there and not dried. While a lot of water will dry in the sunshine that follows the rain, some water needs to be soaked up to reduce the chances of damage happening. Having the proper slope is essential to remove the water that comes into contact with the roof. This reduces the chances of having sitting water for an extended period.

#5 Poor installation

Not having a quality, professional team install the roof can cause issues over time. Normal wear and tear that would otherwise not cause a problem could become much worse if the roof was not installed correctly in the first place. It is essential to hire a commercial roofing company to get a quality installation (one that does not leak) every time.

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Finding a commercial roofing company that understands how to prevent and repair any commercial roof damage is ideal. We have seen a multitude of issues with various types of roofs. This allows us to assess the specific issue better and repair it quickly.

For a business, this is critical. After all, any time where a building is not functional due to leaks, is time that is going to cost money by a loss of productivity or needing to shut down completely. Avoid this by getting help right away.

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