6 Most Common Roofing Issues

Posted on: October 16, 2018

Looking for information on the most common roofing issues homeowners are dealing with nowadays? If you are a homeowner and have some concerns about your roof, taking action sooner rather than later is the best course of action. A strong roof is the most important aspect of a house. It protects you and all that you own from the many outside elements that can potentially cause damage, such as rain, snow, wind, hail, ice and heat. This is why it is essential that you do whatever is necessary to make sure that your roof is in excellent shape.

The most common roofing issues

The following is a list of six common roofing issues homeowners are typically experience.

  1. A leaking roof is one of the most common roofing issues that homeowners deal must face. Heavy snow or rainstorms, outdated shingles, or damage to the roof can allow water to enter the home.
  2. Dirty gutters allow debris to build up and stop water from draining properly. Wood can rot from this moisture and will allow cracks to form in your roof.
  3. Small animals like birds and squirrels often like to make their home in or near a homeowner’s rooftop. Their nests can cause damage as squirrels can chew through shingles as well as your home’s wiring.
  4. Untrimmed trees can fall and damage a roof. Do not ignore potential hazards around your house. It takes a single storm to snap a branch that destroys your roof. Cutting back trees also prevents debris and leaves from clogging gutters.
  5. Improper ventilation allows for a surplus of both heat and moisture to build up. Not only will your energy bill increase with poor ventilation, but the moisture will damage rafters, shingles and insulation.
  6. Poor or outdated flashing allows water to seep into your home. Check around your chimney and vent to check wear and tear. Look in your attic after heavy rain and see if water is entering near these areas.

You can avoid these problems with proper maintenance to address potential hazards before their cause damage. However, you cannot catch everything, so it is important to have a roof inspection. Most modern roofs can go three to five years between inspections.

In need of roofing services?

You may be handy, but some issues need to be left to licensed professionals. Give us call and discuss some of the problems you face. The longer you wait, the more serious your roofing issues are going to become. This will only make it harder to repair and more expensive. While we understand that some people need to save up some cash before making repairs, the truth is that this usually costs more in the long run. Our team has seen almost every possible case of roof damage and has met many homeowners with unique situations. We can discuss options to repair your roof while adhering to your family’s budget.

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