5 Warning Signs of Roofing Damage

Posted on: July 26, 2019

Wondering if you are currently in need of roofing repair? There are a few common signs that will let people know whether or not a roof has been damaged and therefore in need of repair. This makes it a good idea for both residential and commercial property owners to know what these signs are, as they can contact a professional roofing contractor as soon as they see one or more of these signs.

Why hire a professional roofing contractor?

Wanting to make any necessary roofing repairs yourself? While you may be tempted, it really is a good idea to leave roofing repair jobs to the professionals. The roof plays a major part in protecting homes and buildings from being damaged by outside elements. So the last thing you want to do is make any roofing problems worse! When you choose to hire a professional roofing contractor, you are paying for their professional roofing services. They have the supplies, materials and equipment necessary to successfully complete any roofing repair or replacement services.

Five warning signs of roof damage

The following is a list of five common warning signs that some type of roof damage is present.

#1 – Water stains on the ceiling and/or the wall

Water stains are one of the most common and noticeable signs of roof damage. When a roof has been damaged so much that it is now allowing water to leak into the ceiling and/or walls, roof repair services are needed immediately. It is very possible for the water to damage the ceiling and/or walls. It is also very possible that mold will begin to grow in the ceiling and/or walls.

#2 – Missing shingles, tiles, etc.

Whenever a roof is missing one or more of its shingles, tiles, etc., the roof is no longer fully protected. These missing roofing pieces make it possible for bad weather to make the roof worse, and it is also a way for wildlife to enter one’s home.

#3 – Curling and/or buckling shingles

When shingle roofs show signs of curling and/or buckling shingles, the roof is now showing signs of damage. While this is most likely due to the shingles reaching the end of their life expectancy, it can also be due to a defective roof installation.

#4 – Pieces of roof in the gutters

If there are pieces of a roof in the gutters of a home or building, this is a sign that there is some type of roof damage occurring. Roofing materials will start to deteriorate over time due to the outside elements. Once they do, pieces of the materials will often begin to break off, ending up in the gutters.

#5 – The rafters are sagging

If the rafters in the attic are not straight and instead are sagging, this is a sign that there is roof damage present. Sagging rafters are often a result of roof leaks. In order to be sure, the roof needs to be professionally inspected in order to find out the reason why the rafters in the attic are sagging.

Is your roof damaged?

Are you currently in need of roofing repair services? If your roof is damaged in any way, the sooner you have the damages assessed, the better. While the damage to your roof may seem minimal, only when it is thoroughly examined will you understand the true extent of the damage. If you wait too long, it is very likely that the damage will get worse, which is exactly what you do not want to happen.

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