3 Types of Gutters to Consider Installing

Posted on: May 19, 2020

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Gutters are something that every property with a roof requires. They are important in order to ensure the proper removal of rainwater, debris and other unnecessary materials that may get in the way of the draining system on the roof. Gutters are essential for all properties to have. 

If you’d like more information on gutters, then keep reading to find out more! We go over three types of gutters that are worth considering for installation. These gutters can significantly improve the function of your roof. 

Three types of gutters to consider installing

There are more than three types of gutters, but below, we outline the most common ones. They are all important to consider, but it is ultimately best to consult with a roofing contractor so that they can determine which is best for the property.

1. K-style gutter

A K-style gutter is one of the most popular types. About 80% of all gutters are K-style. They offer a flat bottom and back with a decorative front that may be more appealing to the eye. Often times, the front side is curved to improve styling.

There are a lot of different types of K-style gutters that one can choose from when considering their options. Some of the most popular ones are made of aluminum, copper, galvanized steel or lead-coated copper. K-style gutters are mostly made of metal materials to ensure durability, resistance and reliability. K-style gutters tend to be more expensive because they can support a larger capacity than other types of gutters. 

2. Half-round gutters

This type of gutter is also quite common but more so in older homes. They are exactly as they sound–half-round tubes. Half-round gutters are the shape of a half tube and they protect the property from rainfall-runoff. This type of gutter is typically made of copper, aluminum and steel, which are all materials that can resist weather-related damage. It has been said that half-round gutters are more decorative because they don’t have the flat back or bottom that a K-style gutter has.

3. Vinyl gutters

Although not a style of gutter, vinyl ones are a popular choice among roofers. The vinyl material never rusts, which is a common problem that steel or aluminum-based gutters experience. Another thing to note about vinyl gutters is that they are very easy to install. A lightweight build with snap-on hinges allows a quick installation at an affordable price–something that homeowners often consider as the roof and gutter installation process can become pricey. 

Get started today!

Considering a gutter installation? Let our roofers help you! It is essential that properties have gutter systems in place to help avoid roof damage. If you have questions about the different types of gutters or would like to get started, then reach out to our office so that we can help you! Our team is readily available, just give us a call or stop by today. 

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